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The price of Caesar's mercy: Cicero nominates Caesar to an unprecedented ten-year dictatorship and Brutus speaks in support of the motion. With martial authority and Niobe at his side, Vorenus campaigns for magistrate under Posca's advice, but is shocked to learn from Posca that Caesar has already fixed the election in Vorenus's favor. Meanwhile, Atia continues her humiliation of Servilia while denying any involvement in her assault. But Atia becomes troubled by the silent depression of Octavia after Octavian compels her to return home from the cloister where she had fled. As Servilia lies at home shattered by her recent attack, she soon revives and gets her self-confidence back when she takes in the homeless and embittered Quintus Pompey whom she sees as her tool for revenge against Caeser for leaving her. As Caesar prepares for his Triumph involving five days of celebration and games, Antony finds that the dictator has no sense of humor about the trappings of power. The circulation of a denunciation of Caesar, signed by Brutus, fascinates Rome but stuns Brutus, who suspects his mother. Denied permission to march with the Thirteenth in the Triumph, the dejected Pullo resolves to make a new life as a civilian with Eirene, but his dream leads only to horror for the Vorenii and utter wretchedness for himself.

Runtime: 52
Genres: Action, Drama, History
Starts: Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Polly Walker, Lindsay Duncan
Director: Alan Taylor

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